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tv   News  ABC  July 18, 2011 6:30am-7:00am EDT

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tarring days. this week 40 state also see temperatures of 90 or more. >> looks like we'll be dealing with this high pressure system for many days to come as it intensifies. >> reporter: for beach goers, it means fun in the sum. >> coming our early before it gets packed with people. >> reporter: for some people, this extreme heat can be extremely dangerous. >> they'll complain of dizziness, weakness, being light owedded. they may exib signs of confusion. >> reporter: experts say drink plenty of water, stay out of the sun and avoid strene knewous activity. not everyone is heeding the warning. these hard cor athletes in racine, wisconsin, participated in an iron man triathlon.
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>> it's hot. i don't know. it's fun, a fast course. >> that may be a little bit dangerous. we got ice cubes in omaha and the pools there. 100-mile bike run. justin, what do you think about that. that guy said this was fun. i don't think so. we got ourselves the heat building. some of you think it's july and should be hot. we're going to build upon the last couple of heat waves. nothing like we have. when we hit 100 seven times we may get another run. this morning not too bad. you get into the 70s around the beltway. we got glen burnie and annapolis at 72. 70s on to the eastern shore. uv index in the extreme range.
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basically everything we're telling you, try not to spend too much time outside. our two degrees guaranteed high. we may throw storms into they. here's traffic. >> reporter: gray stone road at ty son road. sob careful. this is 95 north of 19345. steady traffic building in both directions to the right of your screen northbound on the left. we had a couple accidents at 197? bowie. 50 eastbound on the ramp. for all that, we have a disabled accident. charley. two political aides for former governor robert ehrlich are scheduled to be in court related ton those robocall. sherrie has more. >> reporter: the two men are expected to be arraigned oncor
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cor made -- on robocalls made on election day. the grand jury indicted julius henson and paul schurick for using robocall. the indictments came into an investigation into robocall that told supporters of martin o'malley to relax because he had already won. the calls were placed to predominantly black jurisdictions. they are expected to be in court this morning in circuit court. sherrie johnson reporting. news from around the narks investigators plan on interviewing the driver of a tour bus that crashed in western new york state killing two people on boompletd the bus sunday was in route from d.c. to
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the niagara falls area. a tire blowout is suspected to be the cause of the accident. minnesota will have to wait a little longer for the government shutdown. governor mark dayton and republican leaders fell short of a plan. . the epa says it appears the broken pesm common mobil pipeline in the yellowstone river no longer pose last threat, that workers have succeeded in removing the last barrels of oil. you will see parents under the bay bridge on barges giving a new paint job. it ames being done by a michigan first. we're being told not to expect significant clays -- delays.
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don't be surprised if you hit the bridge during off times. local celebrities and organizations are gathering to play golf. it's for leukemia and lymphoma. the turn mat raised almost $1.5 million in the ongoing battle against these deadly diseases. abc2 is a proud sponsor. she's not too happy about security at airport, so she took it upon herself to fight back. hand slapped, hand grabbing, whatever is going on. what police say she grabbed while heading through security. we'll take a look you're watching good morning maryland, first and only at 4 -- 4:30.
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a colorado woman is in trouble this morning after allegedly getting a litling handsy with a tsa agent at sky harbor airport. the woman refused to go through screening and began arguing with tsa agents. that's when she grabbed one of the agent's breasts. >> i who never grab a woman's boobs. >> reporter: sky harbor passengers sounding off after a 61-year-old colorado woman is accused of grabbing a tsa's officer's breast. it all went down in terminal 4.
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phoenix police said yukari miyamae starting arguing with the tsa agent and refused to be screened by the staff. in fact, the tsa said the passenger was not receiving a patdown. during the argument, miyamae grabbed the officer's breast with both hands and started twisting. phoenix police arrested the woman on sexual assault. that's when the woman admitted to grabbing the agent. >> that's bad. >> reporter: one tsa officer said the victim wasn't working today. no word on her reaction, but a spokesperson for the agency said tsa officers work every day to protect the traveling public and the agency will not tolerate assault against the workforce. those at sky harbor believe the passenger has issues. >> she ox doesn't like the tsa. maybe this was before this
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airport it happened and she's getting back at somebody else. >> the colorado woman spent the night in jail. she now faces felony sexual abuse charges. if convicted, she may have to register as a sex offender. it brought parts of baltimore to a standstill and scape ti fated -- capital ti vatted the city for days. >> reporter: coming up, a look at where things stand. also larks look at alzheimer's. the brain injuries suffered now and the devastating effects. >> just unresponsive. you could just see through her. her eyes were like there's no one there. >> one girl brought two families together. why she's calling them her heroes this morning. baking and boiling. the midwest is sizzling this morning. but what does it mean for us in
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maryland a bit later today. the coolest temperature in the state i could find right now and it's 65 degrees. a lot of us starting in the 70s. 76 in cecil county. how about that traffic? >> traffic is starting to get congested. we're doing okay on 795. we'll tell you more when good morning maryland continues.
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it is a hot day in store for m it feels a little humid. that's near camden yards. just how hot will it be? we'll find lut in just a moment. i'm charley crowson. the midwest as been pounded the past few days, even weeks. just thin berk has been tracking it. >> let's not forget how nice our
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weather was. what would a warning be without a time lavements you'll notice high thin clouds. it's 73. humidity starting to ramp their way back. still 60s on the northern fringe. 68 westminster. bel air pops to 71. 70s on the eastern shore. look at this cluster of storms on into ontario, canada. the thousand island regions will get clobbered. we'll watch it. that actual boundary will flare up. after midnight we could get an impulse of storms. we could have storms around here tomorrow morning. with the humidity around we ramp up storms into the evening hours. that may flare up. then we build heat.
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94 today. we take it down to 73. storms at day braifnlgt 91 tomorrow, mid-90s wednesday, pushing close to 101 -- 100 by the end of the week. >> right near perring parkway. the jfx, we have traffic building southbound. on coming traffic no problems reported ?oib. 50 eastbound at 665, an accident on the ramp. also at the severn river bridge, the earlier delays have dissipated. charley? do you remember where you were and what you were doing 10 years ago today? baltimore police and firefighters were fighting the
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howard street tunnel fire. >> reporter: today we remember the 10-year anniversary of the howard street tunnel fire. it was on this day 10 years ago that baltimore city was turned upseed down. there was a 60-car train derailment. three horal games at camden yards were canceled. freight rail traffic along the east coast stopped it. triggered calls to divert dangerous cargo. after a decade later cargo trains still go through. today mayor stephanie rawlings-blake and first responders will talk a little bit between the partnership -- about the partnership between the city and csx. reporting live at scored
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kindergarten, sherrie johnson. police have a simple message, lock your doors. neighbors say someone is going around checking the doors. so far, the list includes gps devices and ipads and cash. some people say the burglary is thinking about heading into houses. >> my husband went to his car this morning. when he went in, he realized the center console was open. >> abc2 contacted police to determine break-ins. the victims said they're motivated towards filing a report because they know their cases zoo stand aloan. police believe two separate incidents involved loot, hatefield graffiti may be
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connected. crooks targeted it. about 20 people in silver spring woke to find car tires slashed and cars painted with hate related graffiti. we talked to baltimore county police overnight. they're looking to see if there are a string of robberies possibly being connected. gunfire left a clerk wounded on west mac phail rote. officers are looking. robber res at a seven 11 and a farm store to see if they're connected with those in harford county. you cran get your crime check and crime chacker at our website, researchers say even mild brain injuries seem to raise the risk of developing alzheimer's in later life. it was reported and looked into
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holder veterans and raised fresh concerns. well, ravens fans are waiting sew if anything comes to resolve that lockout. while a 10-year collective bargaining agreement is close took ratified, there are sticking point. one on worker's comp. governor martin o'malley is accusing republicans of trying to undermine president obama. the house is expected to act on a plan to pass a balanced budget amendment to raise the government's borrow limit. the plan is expected to stall in the senate. however, republican senator orrin hatch said democrats refuse to offer adequate
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spending cuts. the wrangling continues in washington over the ongoing snead to raise debt ceiling. >> i nighs there's still time this get something big done. the president has made it clear he wants to do something substantial. >> the plan known as cut, cap and balance, is set to go to a house vote on tuesday. economists say growth will be slower but hiring is likely to pick back up. it says 43% of respond didn'ts said their firms will increase employment. the manufacturing section has the strongest outlook. today governor martin o'malley will host a sister state ceremony at 11:00 in annapolis. last jeer only home traveled to china and met with officials to shore up more jobs in the state and build a stronger
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relationship between the two countries. new for you this morning, a just released studies a researchers scratching their head. the study found that id cans may be safer in cars, not with mom and dad, but, instowed, with grandma and grandamount of the previous evidence shows scrashes are common among older drivers. this study looked at injuries, not who's having more crashes. it's happening now. israeli firefighters appear to be waging a fire. it forced the museum to be evacuated yesterday. officials say the fire has been brought under control. police are saying that at least six people have been hospitalized as a result of smoke inhalation. it's not clear yet what sparked
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that fire. five things you need to know before you head out the door stood. today president obama will nominate the ned of the new consumer bureau. many many senate republicans vowed to block it. the state argues lack of accountability. the man could be facing the death penalty if convicted. mohammed as reportedly confessed to killing the police but has plead not guilty. president obama will meet with members of giving the emergency stood including co founders and others. the group invites the wealthiest individuals and families to give a majority of their wealth to if i an three i. contractors on the freeway would be penalized for every six
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minutes over. lots of people will be cranking up the ac today. heat advisories and warnings are in place standing from texas to michigan. shelters have been hope in many areas. some of the areas are for those without adequate cooling settlements. residents are being warned not to expect any heat relief anytime soon. if you use net flex, you may have noticed the service has been off line for days. the outage started yesterday afternoon. the company has recently found some changes coming to the services including that of upping the price. a family and two strangers were brought together by terrifying events. the woman was with her daughter. the girls couldn't wait to get in the water. when she turned around.
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the daughter took off floating. she sank immediately and never came back up. the brother-in-law went? after her. she was unresponsive. that's when two began cpr. >> she started breathing again. it was really good. it's still emotional. >> what do you like about mr. ted and mr. harry? >> the families have shared information and plan to keep in touch. guardian angels come in mall shapes and sizes. >> so nice to see a happy ending. >> some times we're reporting stories that zoo and as well. >> the dangers and safety precautions need. >> we all color coordinated with code orange and the highlighter as well. we'll probably be pushing 100 by
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